Everything you can not do at bedtime

The quality of sleep greatly depends on the food you eat during dinner.

Eating indigestible food affects the quality of sleep, overloading the metabolic system.

The site has presented a list of products, the use of which is not desirable.

Everything you can not do at bedtime

1. Coffee.

It will interfere with sleep. You can drink chamomile tea instead of coffee. It has a calming effect, and due to its pleasant taste, there is no need to add sugar.

2. Alcohol.

Alcohol interferes with the processes that take place in the brain, especially when it comes to memory recovery. Not surprisingly, a drunkard sometimes fails to remember what happened to him.

3. Red meat.

Due to the high content of fats and proteins, the body needs a long time to process meat. It interferes with sleep հանգստ rest of the whole organism.

4. Foods that cause flatulence.

Excessive gas production in the intestines causes an unpleasant feeling և disturbs sleep.

Everything you can not do at bedtime

5. Greasy cheese.

It is recommended to replace it with non-fat cottage cheese or low-fat cheese. Using a little, you can satisfy the feeling of hunger.

6. Oily, fried food.

These are not considered healthy foods, and eating at night is not recommended at all.

7. Sweet carbonated drink.

They contain a lot of sugar, in addition, carbonated beverages cause gas. They contain caffeine and other substances.

8. Chocolate, chocolate bars, candies.

CC chocolate contains caffeine, milk chocolate contains a lot of sugar and fat. In addition to overloading the metabolic system, this also leads to overweight.

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