What happens to our bodies when we eat fat?

There are many legends about fat damage.

Today we will try to find out all the nuances of this issue together, we will dispel most of the legends.

What happens to our bodies when we eat fat?

How does fat not grind?: Causes obesity

That’s not so true ․ Fat has a negative effect on the human body only in large quantities. The fat of people without problems of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, pancreas is only useful. The daily norm of fat for a healthy person is 10-30 grams.

Fat does not cause digestive problems in healthy people. Subcutaneous fat is good for the body because it melts under your body temperature. It is contraindicated for people who have problems with bile production.

Fat is completely fat

And who says that it is bad? Subcutaneous fat is a unique structure, which is rich in unique arachidonic acid. This substance is extremely important for our body ․ Without it, no immune reaction occurs, this acid is necessary for cholesterol metabolism.

Fat is high in cholesterol

Like all other foods of animal origin, fat contains cholesterol. Only its quantity is not as big as it seems to us. 100 grams of fresh fat contains 70-100 milligrams of cholesterol. For comparison, 100 grams of beef kidney contains 1126 milligrams of cholesterol.

Doctors have long proven that the level of cholesterol in the blood does not depend on how much cholesterol you have eaten. Cholesterol metabolism is more important. The body must receive useful substances մ to process them properly. Linoleic arachidonic acids will help him in that.

Fat in bread is very dangerous

Strange as it may seem, this is also not true. Such a combination has a beneficial effect on our body if a person is healthy.

For those who want to lose weight, fat will do a good job again ․ After all, it is a source of energy, it will satisfy your hunger very quickly. Vegetable fat is the best choice when keeping a diet.

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