What not to do right after eating?

First. Do not smoke after eating

This is probably the most destructive for smokers, as smoking is strictly forbidden immediately after eating, it is very harmful to health.

Experts have shown that smoking immediately after eating is comparable to smoking ten cigarettes. Make conclusions.

Second. Do not eat fruit immediately after eating

Eating fruits after eating inflates your stomach, as it interferes with the normal process of digestion. Eat them an hour before or an hour or two after eating. And your stomach will thank you…

Third. You should not drink tea while eating

Tea tincture contains a large amount of acids, which makes it difficult to digest the protein obtained from food.

Fourth. If you eat with a stretch mark, do not try to loosen it

You interfered with the digestive process. And very rudely. Now all the food will go down in a ball at once, յուր for some time the assimilation of food will be completely blocked.

Fifth. It is strictly forbidden to take a shower or bath immediately after

Bathing increases blood flow to the hands, feet and the entire body. As a result, blood flow to the stomach decreases. I think it is not necessary to explain the consequences, you can think for yourself.

The sixth is for those who like to eat fast without quitting work

There is a saying. “If you want to live to 99, take 100 steps after eating.” But not all statements can be trusted. When walking, the ability of the digestive system to digest properly decreases. The process itself will be slow.

Seventh և final proposal

Sleeping after eating is not recommended. Although you always want to lie down and dive into the world of Morpheus. But think about what threatens you. First of all, it threatens gastritis, and secondly, the infection of the stomach, because it also disrupts the digestive process. All this և you can do much more after some time after eating.

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