Why should you always drink coffee with water?

The coffee bean is inhomogeneous in structure. Its outer layer contains caffeine-stimulating alkaloid.

When making instant coffee, only the inside of the bean is used, the outer layer is separated և used for medicines or energy drinks. But if we are dealing with coffee beans, we must remember that it contains both alkaloids at the same time.

Why do you ALWAYS drink coffee with water?

After drinking coffee, caffeine first starts to work. After about 25 minutes, theobromine begins to take effect.

Caffeine narrows the vessels of all organs except the kidneys, whose vessels dilate. As a result, the pressure rises, there is a desire to urinate.

Half an hour later, a person begins to fall asleep, many people have a not so pleasant feeling of tightness in the kidneys. The effect of theobromine begins. The pressure in all the organs rises, in the kidneys it goes down. To avoid circulatory problems in the kidneys, drink one sip of water after each cup of coffee.

Instant coffee is made from the inside of the bean, so the vigorous phase is not so pronounced, in some cases it is absent at all, this drink has a sleeping effect.

Why do you ALWAYS drink coffee with water?

Therefore, instant coffee should also be drunk with plain water so that you do not feel sleepy afterwards. It is better to drink strong tea as an invigorating drink. It contains no less caffeine, and theobromine is completely absent.

Delicious as the first time. If you drink coffee quickly, you will not feel the taste after the first sip. Pure water will clear the taste buds, which will make the coffee delicious.

Why do you ALWAYS drink coffee with water?

Pressure is normal. Water can reduce the effects of caffeine, and the condition of the heart will not get worse.

Teeth like pearls. Coffee contains tooth color enamel pigment. If you drink a little water after each sip, the pigment will not be absorbed, the teeth will remain white.

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