“It’s impossible for a mother to feel sorry for such things. Mom let me live in her apartment!

Yana is simply indignant at the behavior of her own mother-in-law. She had already come to terms with the idea that she constantly uses her bath accessories. And then, it turned out, already got to the clothes. I went to throw out the garbage in Yana’s jacket, and she watched everything out the window.

Yana has a husband and a two-year-old child. They share their mother-in-law’s living space together. At one time, they were asked to move out of a rented apartment. It all happened at the moment when the landlady found out about Yana’s pregnancy at the time of the calculation. Didn’t want to deal with tenants with a child. Yana could not understand how a child could interfere. Wallpaper would not spoil, as well as furniture. At least at first, a couple of years for sure. Moreover, they have already managed to establish themselves as neat and responsible people.

But Yana’s friend did not share her views. I thought that such tenants with a child could stop paying the fee at any moment, and nothing could be done with them: it was not to be thrown out into the street with a baby.

Yana did not really listen, but, most likely, her friend was right. In addition, it became problematic for a family with a newborn to find another place to live. The owners did not like this nuance. And the cost of rent has skyrocketed. Moreover, the options were not the best, where it would definitely not be very comfortable with a child.

Therefore, the mother-in-law called to her. She had a three-ruble note: there would be enough space for everyone. Nearby was a hospital with good doctors. In addition, there was an opportunity to save on your housing.

So we decided to do it. Moreover, it was already time to move out, but there was nowhere to go. So for two years they continue to cohabit. Everything is fine, but there is one problem. Mother-in-law has no personal boundaries.

She can easily use everything that gets in her eyes. And it’s not even about the products. They are not sorry. Take, for example, hand cream. It doesn’t cost two pennies. And the mother-in-law smears a normal amount on her hands. Yana’s shampoo is professional, specially selected for her hair type. Now it is enough for a couple of weeks, although, usually for a week. The mother-in-law calmly uses the perfume of the mother-in-law. She also takes a comb and lipstick.

Yana tried to share with her husband. And he believes that it is impossible for a mother to regret such things. Mom let me live in her apartment. And she allocated the best rooms for them, while she herself huddles in a small one. She cooks, sits with her grandson. In addition, the young family saves on rent.

Only now Yana carefully chooses cosmetics for herself. Therefore, she is sorry. She decided to go for a trick: she hides expensive funds away, but I see she keeps cheap funds.

A friend advised me to pour an ordinary baby cream into the packaging from under expensive cosmetics. And let the mother-in-law use it. Most likely, you will have to listen, start to act in this way.

Now I’ve also switched to clothes. The mother-in-law pretends not to do anything wrong. She needed to get out quickly. What’s the difference in what? She grabbed the first jacket that came across and did not understand who it belonged to. Just a couple of minutes: walk to the trash can, throw out the trash and come back. There is nothing criminal here.

Maybe Yana is wrong? Well, how can you regret things for a relative? Moreover, she sacrificed her comfort in favor of the young. And he is silent: he does not present anything, does not expel, does not hurry.

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