— Stay with the baby. I’ll go to my brother’s wedding alone, it’s expensive

— Estimate. Seryoga came home from work yesterday all so stiff. I started asking about the wedding, and he immediately had his eyes on the floor. He says that tomorrow he will buy tickets only for himself …
— And you??

— I’m completely speechless. And my husband says to me: “Bunny, I received my bare salary in January. We spent the New Year holidays in such a way that mom does not grieve. Therefore, I’ll probably go to Dima’s wedding myself. And you sit with Dashula. Nothing bad will happen. And I still have to live there for three days in a hotel and eat somehow. And of course, buy a gift for the bride and groom, ”Mila told her friend the news.
Katya and Sergey were a young family. They lived in a odnushka, in Moscow. The mother-in-law decided to give them housing. Katya was on maternity leave. Dasha was almost two years old. But the girl was in no hurry to work. There was no one to leave her daughter with. Father-in-law provided the couple with an apartment, therefore, as they say, thanks for that.

And Katya’s mother, Marina Sergeevna, took care of herself, plus she worked. The woman immediately told her daughter that if she urgently needed to sit with her granddaughter, she would definitely come. But letting Katya go will buy a new dress, dye her hair, no. As they say, they gave birth themselves, so let them get out.

Katya knew the character of her mother very well. By the way, Marina Sergeevna flew abroad every year. In addition, the woman spent all weekends in beauty salons and in the massage therapist’s office.

Katya and her husband had no force majeure situations. They decided everything together. When the husband was at home, the girl went about her business and vice versa.

True, the husband was not particularly pleased and let his wife go rarely and not for long. There were plenty of reasons for Katya to come home quickly.

Нужно ли брать с собой на свадьбу детей? | Дом и семья | ШколаЖизни.ру

But then came the wedding invitation. Sergey’s younger brother decided to get married. I had to leave for another city for three days. Katya went to her mother to ask to sit with her granddaughter. Still, marriage is important. Nothing will happen to Mom in three days. Moreover, Dasha is a rather calm girl, she does not scream and is not capricious over trifles.

Mom refused for a long time, and then, sighing, she took a day off from work for 3 days. Katya was delighted. Still, I was tired of sitting with a child for two years. Relax at the wedding…

But her bright dreams collapsed after her husband’s statement. For the girl it was a whole event. She breastfed the baby for a year without leaving the house. Then it turned out that no one wanted to sit with her. And my husband often attended corporate parties, went on a business trip. As the saying goes, be free.

Of course, the girl did not know his brother well. I saw the bride like that only in the photo.

Katya was very upset. But her husband did not want to understand her. He thought everything was right.

— Well, dear, firstly, your mother is not very happy to take Dasha to her. Let him rest a little these days, and you will sit. Why would a person be embarrassed. Doesn’t want to sit, don’t. You don’t really know my family. What is the meaning of this trip for you? Your job is to stay at home and take care of the baby. And I go back and forth.

Katya decided that no one would go. Why should a husband decide what to do?

Нужно ли брать с собой на свадьбу детей? | Дом и семья | ШколаЖизни.ру
Who do you think is right in this situation?

Personally, it seems to me that Katya’s mother and her husband are a little insolent. Of course, Marina is not obliged to sit with her granddaughter. But you can think not only about yourself, but also about your daughter.

And the husband does not understand his wife at all. She spent so much time with her daughter. She also needs to rest.

He needs to understand this if he truly loves his wife …

Katya in this situation is very sorry and understandable. She is completely dependent on her husband. There is no one to help the poor thing.

It is interesting to hear the opinion of readers. In general, we hope that Katya will be able to solve the problem and express her opinion to her husband on this matter.

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Dear girls, remember, we have a free country! You can express your opinion, nothing will happen. The husband will not file for divorce if Katya sets a condition for him. And even if this happens, then these are insincere feelings. You need to respect other people and give them joy.

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