— Yes, you forgive me. What are you pouting? — said the mother of her daughter, whom she abandoned 17 years ago

Yulia Petrovna woke up from the fact that her granddaughter was whimpering — she must have had a dream. Ever since the prodigal mother showed up, Anyuta has been sleeping very badly. For 17 years she did not make herself felt, but then she suddenly came to her senses.

— Anyutka, roll over on your side. Oh, you are something hot. Let me take the temperature, — the grandmother came up to her granddaughter.

In general, Anya was not her own granddaughter, but she raised the girl as her own. What could she do? When her own sister Vera was dying, she asked not to leave the baby and not to send her to an orphanage. Now Anyuta is already 18 years old, but her grandmother still considers her a little girl.

“Grandma, everything is fine. I didn’t get sick
The old woman made sure that there was no temperature, turned off the light and went to her room. She couldn’t sleep, thinking about the past.

> >

It so happened that their parents died very early. She and her sister inherited their parents’ house. Vera stayed there to live in the village, and Yulia Petrovna went to the city to study. She had nothing against the fact that her sister lives in her parents’ house, and hoped to arrange her life in the capital.
However, her sister’s life did not work out. Vera was abandoned by her husband, and she was left alone with her daughter Irina in her arms. She was so offended by her husband’s act that she became angry with the entire male sex. The woman undertook to equip a career, but she didn’t even remember about her personal life
Irina grew up spoiled and ill-mannered. By the age of 17, she became generally uncontrollable. Yulia Petrovna tried to reason with her niece, but she didn’t need anything in life except alcohol and cigarettes.

A few months later, Irka disappeared. Yulia Petrovna took a vacation and came to her sister. It was terrible to look at Vera: thin, pale, twitchy.

The loss returned with the child in her arms. She slipped a small squeaky lump to her mother and disappeared. Ira said that motherhood is not for her. She did not care about the fate of her daughter, because she thought only about her personal happiness.

Vera had to quit her job and raise her granddaughter. Yulia Petrovna supported her sister in every possible way and helped her. However, over time, Vera began to lose ground. Due to stress, she developed a terrible disease. And so she was gone. Before her death, she wrote a will for her sister and granddaughter, she did not even remember her daughter. She tearfully asked Yulia Petrovna not to leave Anya and raise her as her own
After the death of her sister, Yulia Petrovna rented out her city apartment and moved to the countryside. Since she did not have her own family, Anechka was her only consolation.

Years passed. And then Irina appeared on the horizon. During all this time, the granddaughter was not even interested in who her mother was, so Yulia Petrovna did not want to allow this meeting.
But Irina appeared herself. At 40, she looked like an old woman. Drunk, thin, two walkers behind her.

— Hello! — she said.

> >

— Yes, you forgive me. What are you pouting? Irka added, looking at Anechka
The conversation between them did not stick, because there were no common topics for conversation. Anya looked at her mother like she was a monster, she even disdained to approach her.
— Aunt Julia, I have a conversation with you. Let’s go outside, — said Ira.

They went out.
— I have temporary difficulties. I was thinking, I have a right to this house. I have not interfered in your life for 17 years, but now we need to somehow resolve this issue. Give me ⅓ money and I’ll be lost forever! Irina said.
Yulia Petrovna showed documents for real estate, gave 300 rubles for bread and drove her niece away. Irka cursed her aunt all the way, and the old woman wept bitterly
— Grandma, don’t cry. We are together. It’s good that we have each other! Anya reassured her.

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