14 years ago, Tilan was the most beautiful girl in the world. What does she look like now and what is she doing?

When Thylane Blondeau was 6 years old, she had the situation with the most beautiful young woman on the planet. Also, if her name means nothing to you, then by then you should take a look at her teenage life and you will understand that you have seen this little beauty many times. .

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Today we will let you know how the young lady lives now, what she looks like and whether she has continued her modeling career.


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Tilan was born in 2001 into a wealthy and prominent family. His mother is French model Veronica Lubri and his father is footballer Patrick.

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Thylane appeared on the podium at the age of 4 during the demonstration of Jean-Paul Gaultier. Moreover, the child quickly became popular around the world for its magnificence.


Already at the age of 10, her face was on the covers of the most fashionable magazines, many adult models could only dream of.

At 12, the young woman is welcome to the global office of IMG Models and she signs an agreement with them. Additionally, Thylane has worked closely with many extravagant brands like Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana, L’Oreal Paris and Lacoste. She also starred in the film Belle and Sébastien: The Adventure Continues.

In 2018, the Frenchwoman once again beat the beauty ratings. Not as a young model, but rather as a young, feminine woman. In addition, TC Candler specialists called Thylane’s face the most seductive on the planet.


Dans ce sens, une jeune femme douce et charmante avait la possibilité d’accomplir le titre de la plus excellente jeune femme du monde.

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