“Feats” of little ones that do not let their parents get bored

Kids will always be the source of trouble, the cause of unusual situations and generators of adventure, but that’s fine. And even better, when everything ends peacefully and you can sincerely laugh, and not just lament.

Felt pens, Dalmatians and two clocks

> >

Tried to drag a kid from a farm to an apartment

> >

Entrusted the elder to look after the younger

> >


Dad looked away for just a second

She calls it “white water” and wants to swim

Laundered for a long time


When it’s just too late

Good thing it was one dollar

Found dad’s trimmer and cut each other’s hair


“I love you, you are the best mom.” Carnation on the car.

The child decided to dry wet wipes

Velcro toy is so much fun!


The child wanted to feed the dog

Daughter was hot and she made holes in her socks

Drawing on daddy’s car is so cool!


Patience and strong nerves to all parents! They will definitely come in handy, and not once, not twice.

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