How my husband and I weaned our daughter from merging our son with us

I very often hear from my acquaintances that children constantly merge their children with them: either for the whole weekend, or for the holidays, or for the whole summer. Some parents just don’t know how to say no to their adult children.
But my husband and I are not one of them. We are sure that only their parents should be involved in the upbringing of children and this should not be transferred to grandparents.

Our daughter also loved bringing our grandson Artem to us. It’s only recently that she’s started to get quite cocky. My husband and I couldn’t stand it. Not at all because we don’t love our grandson. But for a whole other reason. And that’s why.
My daughter and her husband are among those parents who believe that their child is the center of the universe, that their child is the best. But my husband and I are people with completely different outlooks on life.

We raised our daughter differently. Has our daughter forgotten this and thinks we’ve gotten softer with age and changed our view of raising children? Yes, no matter how! My husband and I had to explain everything intelligibly to everyone.

Brought us back our grandson’s daughter Artem for all of spring break. And our grandson just turned thirteen. Recently, her parents generally began to allow her everything. He considered himself almost the navel of the Earth.

But my husband and I quickly brought him back to our sinful land. We shattered his idea that he is the most important person in the world and everyone around him should be shattered.

We made it clear to Artem who he is and what he is worth in real life. Without his parents, he is nobody.

Oh how our grandson didn’t like it. But how! We have destroyed the myth that he is almost God and that everyone owes him something.

The grandson complained about us to his daughter and asked to pick him up. Our daughter was also very offended.

But after that, she no longer brings her son to us.

Yes, nobody likes the truth. But the grandson had to open his eyes to reality.

In our childhood, our parents always told the truth and we were never idols for worship. That’s why they grew up like normal people.
And what will come out of our grandson if his parents raise him like that and he considers himself better than the others? Nothing good!

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