Sonya took away my beloved and gave him a child, and she could not think that this child would become the cause of my happiness

Sonya, my classmate, is that envious girl who always tried to do or say something wrong to me. I didn’t pay attention because if I argued with her and acted like her, then I’d fall to her level, and I’m above that. The best moment of my life came after Andrei appeared: my boyfriend, who served. They were unforgettable years, the first love, the first kiss and much more. We have already planned the wedding. They waited for me to pass the exams and we are already going to play the long-awaited wedding
In the New Year, I passed the session, and there was practically no time for anything, and therefore, so that Andrei did not get bored with me at home, he went to a disco to celebrate the New Year there. It was the worst day for him and for me. The day that separated us. Sonya, my former classmate, was in love with my boyfriend and every time she tried to attract him somehow, and it was that night, when Andrei was drunk, that ‘she took advantage of it and what I was afraid of happened between them.

Я хочу родить ребенка от женатого мужчины - Психологос

Of course, I couldn’t forgive the betrayal and just went to see my parents. I felt very bad, but it got even worse when I found out about her pregnancy. It turns out that Andrei and Sonya will have a child. After 9 months, I heard that grief happened in the family, the child was born already dead. I felt sad because of this, everything is like this and it is very difficult to survive. 5 years have passed, I accidentally found out that Sonya’s child was not dead, but was just born with problems and was in a special children’s hospital.

At that time, I had already graduated from university and was working in a hospital. On the second day, I found a child and informed my ex-mother-in-law and Andrey. Andrey’s mother and I took care of the child and by the age of five the child had no problems. Who would have thought that Sonya’s child, who ruined our lives, would be our reunion.

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