A shy girl clings to the mic on stage, but as she pulls out the 1st verse, Simon freezes as he hears a chilling twist of classic

When young kids and tweens audition on TV shows, no one really knows if they have what it takes to progress given their young age.


Maybe their voice needs a little more maturity or their dancing needs a little more experience.

No one knew what to expect when a 14-year-old took to the stage, but it didn’t take long for everyone to fall in disbelief after hearing her incredible talent.


As the young woman steps out to face the Britain’s Got Talent judges, she is all smiles in her jeans and simple t-shirt.

Shyly introducing herself to the crowd, Olivia Archbold grips the mic as she prepares to wow the audience.

But first, the judges are quite dubious when she tells them which track she intends to audition with.

Announcing that she will be performing ‘Arms Of An Angel’, the 14-year-old takes a deep breath as music fills the room.

Seconds into the audition, the judges are already stunned by what they hear.


She may have been incredibly nervous backstage, but here, under the bright lights where she’s in her element, Olivia immerses herself in song.

It is clear that this girl has real talent.

A smile suddenly crosses Simon’s face as he realizes how special this young girl is.

Completely hypnotized by her unique voice, the public cannot take their eyes off the talented young woman who stands before them.

Simon actually utters “Wow” while Olivia sings. She has a beautiful, pure and distinct voice that resonates with everyone.

This song suits him perfectly. With the voice of an angel, she is definitely blessed.

The control she has over her voice is remarkable for someone her age. As she sings the final verse, it’s clear that Olivia has what it takes to succeed.

The judges are absolutely in awe, bringing her family to tears with what they say next.

Her parents and two sisters are backstage and are amazed by what they are hearing.

They knew Olivia was awesome, but hearing other people’s opinions like this was an affirmation. A judge called her audition “simply spellbinding”.

Prepare to be swept away as you hear Olivia Archbold’s chilling spin on the emotional classic — no wonder it’s gone viral!

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