73-year-old lady shares her inspiring fitness makeover

Joan McDonald is a 73-year-old woman from Ontario, Canada who is a living example of how it’s never too late to improve your life.

She decided to drastically change her lifestyle when the doctors said that if she continued to live the way she was living and didn’t change anything, she would have to take even more regular medication. And now this woman is posing for the covers of fitness magazines.

Joan is a social media influencer with over 400,000 followers on Instagram, and she recently shared her body transformation story in a post that went viral:

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“3 years ago I started this long, slow journey, and now I understand that there is no end.

Every day, I move in the chosen direction.

Each month is a new stage.
Every year I seem to change so much that I think there’s nowhere to go, but I do it anyway.

Right now, I truly understand that our possibilities are endless.
At any time we can decide to change.
No matter how difficult our lives are, we must stand firm to achieve our goal and keep moving forward.

When I started, I could not even imagine that I would achieve what I have already managed to achieve. I just wanted to restore my health and stop taking medicine.

> >

Every door through which we enter leads to another door, and this door to another, and so on.

I hope you all continue to improve and grow! Learn to love yourself, take care of yourself as best you can, and dare to dream and love with all your heart again.

Isn’t she smart? Let this woman’s example inspire you for positive change, because she is excellent proof that anything is possible, you just have to want it!

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