When my father left us, relatives on my mother’s side immediately turned away from us. But soon life puts everything in its place.

I was ten years old when my father left us, it was fatal. The unexpected happened: my mother and I found ourselves without a house, without money and even without a family. Father abandoned us and left us at the mercy of fate. We were in the alley, completely alone, and passers-by were not disturbed by the situation that was happening to us. I was ten years old and I remember perfectly everything that happened. Nobody helped us, even relatives didn’t want to hear about us. My mother had a blood brother Alexei, who had property and was not one of those who ask for money every day at the entrance.

He had a pharmacy, connections, money, and could have helped his sister, but he just chose not to step in and even blamed my mom for everything. He only did what he accused, if only of not spending his money on his sister.
The man who at that point had enough to help out a little, in the end, despite the blood tie, just washed his hands. So I realized that sometimes strangers help more than those with whom you have the same blood in your veins.

We really received help from others, from strangers, but nothing from relatives. Mom and I worked hard, day and night. I studied well to accomplish much later, and later it happened. As a result, we were able to get out of this hole we fell into because of bad people.

And once, when I was working in a big company and I already had everything I wanted, I even helped my mother more and I was always grateful, my mother came to me and said that life really was a boomerang. This Aleksey, who once did not help us, now needs it.

He is in a very bad state and he urgently needs money. Mom said she treated him like he once did to us. And I already understood what my mother said to him. As he did at this important and decisive moment in our lives.

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