14-year-old boy built a house for his little sister in a week

Englishman Mark Williams shared his pride on Facebook. His son Bradley built a playhouse for his younger sister. It only took him one week to do this. And the guy coped with this almost without outside help.

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14-year-old Bradley was constantly sitting at the game console, and his father finally figured out how to distract him.

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Since the son loved to do things with his own hands and was going to enter the construction college, he asked him to make his younger sister’s dream come true and build a playhouse for her from an old gazebo.

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The result was stunning. The guy himself developed a plan, and carried out almost all the work on his own.

And now, a week later, 7-year-old Ellie Mae was already settling into her new home.

Bradley was so carried away by such work that he suggested that his father make a summer bar in the yard, which was a great birthday present for dad.

And after Mark shared a post with a photo of his son and his creations, job offers rained down on the boy from all over the world. But he is in no hurry to agree, because first you need to improve your knowledge and skills in college.

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