In 2007, five children were born in the Artamkin family. What do girls look like 12 years later?

In 2007, five children were born in the Artamkin family – five wonderful, beautiful daughters. Because of such a multiple pregnancy, Russian doctors refused to take on such responsibility, so Varvara and Dmitry left to give birth abroad. The babies were born, and after they got stronger, they went home to their native Moscow.

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As soon as they arrived, the happy family was already met at the airport by officials who delighted Varvara and Dmitry with good news – the state gave them a four-room apartment with repairs and furniture. The girls were named Elizabeth, Alexandra, Nadezhda, Tatyana and Varvara.


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“Immediately after the birth of my daughters, it was not easy to realize that we have five children, five new lives. But children filled our lives with happiness. I have always wanted to have children, and I am very glad that I have many of them. To be honest, I see few differences between our family and any large family. My husband and I are deeply convinced that it is much more difficult with one child, since he feels the constant attention of his parents very much, and therefore is much more naughty. And when there are five children at once, they understand that their mother is alone and cannot be torn apart, ”recalls Varvara.

In 2015, the sisters went to first grade. The girls are already 12 years old, and they have been attending church since childhood. The Artamkin family proved that when there is a loved one nearby, then nothing is impossible.

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