She gave birth to her husband quintuplets, and he left her. How Oksana lives now

The woman also has an older daughter.

Фото из поиска Яндекс.Картинки

The family of Oksana Kobeletskaya and Sergey Semenov until 2015 was no different from others – mom, dad, daughter Alice. A couple of years after the birth of their eldest daughter, the couple began to think about a brother for Alice.

… When Oksana and Sergey found out at the ultrasound that they would have five children, they were simply stunned. Such an amount at once is typical for IVF, but not for natural pregnancy. This is a unique case. One in 85 million.

Odessa doctors immediately suggested reduction – to remove several embryos so that the rest would develop better. Oksana did not like this idea. She decided – as much as God gave, so much she will give birth and raise.

But my husband was not happy with this idea. And then for the first time left Oksana.

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Gone, though not for long. Apparently, parents put pressure on him, or maybe his conscience played. The couple spent the remaining months until the end of the pregnancy together. In 2016, the quintuplets were born. The kids weighed very little: 1200-1900 gr.

David, twin boys Denis and Vlad and twin girls Sasha and Dasha became a real sensation not only in Odessa, but all over the world. A bunch of journalists came running. The mayor immediately handed the couple the keys to a brand new five-room apartment.

While mom with quintuplets was in the hospital, nurses helped her in everything. But after being discharged from the assistants, only my mother and husband turned out to be. For the first months, Sergei tried to help Oksana in everything. Swaddled, bathed, fed. It took a lot of time to design a new living space and repair it.

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He helped-helped and … ran out of steam. At first he said that he was very tired and he needed time to rest. According to Oksana, she turned a blind eye to this male weakness of Sergei. She was no less tired than her mother, but only he could afford to hang out for three hours over a game of tanks on the computer.

… Babies demanded constant attention. Dressing everyone, bathing and feeding – these actions took three hours. Then the children fell asleep for a couple of hours, giving the women a little respite. The hardest part was at night. Oksana slept very little, unlike her husband, who refused to get up to the kids at night.

David, twin boys Denis and Vlad, and twin girls Sasha and Dasha were a little over six months old when Sergey left the family and filed for divorce. The true reason none of the spouses is still no one says. We can only speculate.

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Then the most interesting began. After the divorce, Sergei did not pay child support to his six children:

I’m not exactly an able-bodied person. He was traumatized while still married. I do not have the physical ability, so to speak, and material to help Oksana Vadimovna now, financially.

Oksana just laughs at these statements. Well, there is no money – come help, provide all possible assistance. The kids are very active, constantly breaking and crushing something. Sergei did not visit the children at all. No quintuplets, no older Alice.


Фото из поиска Яндекс.Картинки
And Oksana, perhaps, wanted to suffer and cry from the heart, only there was no time – the children took up most of the time. She learned how to drive a minibus to take children to kindergarten, clinic and educational circles.

Kind people have created a special fund for her aid. Anyone can help this family financially. As a mother of many children, she receives benefits and assistance from the state. In addition, Oksana, being on maternity leave, learned to earn money.

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So banal – became a blogger. The life of an unusual family is followed by 100 thousand people. Children take part in advertising shootings. The family doesn’t need much money.

Oksana was able to swim out at a difficult moment in her life, did not abandon her children, did not pretend to be weak. What about Sergei? It seems that a man, a stronger sex, a father of a family ………….

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