The graduate came to the prom in a dress that she embroidered with her own hands

Graduates of all countries dream of looking perfect, choosing clothes, dresses, makeup and hairstyles for a long time and diligently. After all, you want to surprise everyone present at the holiday.

And a graduate from Bulgaria Silvia Chitakova succeeded. She chose a white floor-length dress made of natural linen for graduation. And his main feature was embroidery, on which Sylvia worked for 2 whole months.

But the result is worth it. The girl’s outfit was appreciated by everyone.

For embroidery, Silvia used shades traditional for Bulgaria – yellow, green, red and black.

Her dream is to become a designer, and her prom dress may well come in handy for the entrance exams. In the meantime, the outfit goes to the chest of family heirlooms.

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