What a joy it is to meet a kindred spirit…

Kindred spirits speak silently. Aliens, even uttering words, are silent.
Kuprin has a story about a lady who was traveling with a cruel and rude husband on a train. The husband fell asleep and snored – he was tired of making comments and pulling back … And the lady started talking with the young officer – a completely innocent conversation, about extraneous things.

About how you can freeze in childhood – and time seems to slow down, its flow becomes different, and this is almost eternity … About how mysterious and strange it is to sit under the table, separated from the whole world, to touch the fringe on the tablecloth … About the strange bitterness in breasts, when you look at the flaming and dying coals …

They had such conversations and understood each other perfectly; all these sensations, feelings, experiences they had in common, understandable, the same, and they excitedly talked about the life of the soul under the snoring and howls of a sleeping rude person, trying to whisper softly – so as not to disturb his sleep.

But he woke up anyway, rolled over, muttering something angrily at his wife. The young officer had to get out – now his station. And he suddenly realized that he would never, never meet a closer and kindred soul with whom one could live so happily, simply be together … freedom. They made up their minds and succeeded.

The story was written a few years before the revolution and bloody events – let’s hope that they had time to live and enjoy. Life is short. Either revolution, then war, then old age has come …

But they made up their minds. And many – do not dare, when they have great happiness – to meet a kindred spirit. And they stay in the car, wave goodbye and yearn and cry all their lives for lost love. About the lost opportunity of love.

It’s scary to take risks, it’s scary to leave suitcases with acquired junk, it’s scary to change lives – it’s so understandable. But a person meets a soul mate only once in a lifetime – if he meets. Not everyone is given it. And complete understanding, spiritual intimacy – this is true love.

And, probably, there is no need to delay – the train goes on. Time does not wait. And the souls do not want to part… And this is just a reminder of love and the transience of life – sometimes you need to remind those who cannot make up their minds about this.

Author: Anna Kiryanova

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