Grandma is already 104 years old, and she cheerfully fishes and trades in the market. Young people are amazed and even a little jealous!

On the island of Langkawi in Malaysia lives an amazing woman, Tok Wan, who is 104 years old. Despite her advanced age, she does not consider herself old and leads an active lifestyle, writes World Of Buzz.

Every day, grandmother tries to bring the maximum benefit to others and her family. She does not pay attention to the offer of children and grandchildren to calm down and relax at home. In the morning, Grandma goes to sea and catches shrimp and fish to sell. Upon returning from fishing, Tok Wan cooks porridge for himself.

She cooks belacan, a spicy paste made from chili peppers, shrimp paste and fish sauce, and sells it in the market for a living. Another old woman weaves mats for tourists.

“What I’m doing now is fun. It reminds me of my childhood,” she says.

“Tok Wan has a family, but she ignores all the requests of her grandchildren to stay at home. Grandma insists on maintaining her regular daily routine and says she is still healthy and alert,” one of her grandchildren, Amri, tweeted.

The Tok family, together with their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, numbers almost 100 people. Together with them, Grandma goes to the market and chooses nutritious and fresh products without chemicals.

“I rarely eat outside, usually at home with my family. I can cook on my own and I love to eat fish.”
According to her 55-year-old son Rusli Ahmad, Tok started fishing at the age of 20. She was brave enough to take a boat out to sea.

“From a young age, I was able to take a boat out to sea to find food for the children. I used to have a hard life, and we lived only on seafood, – recalls Tok. “I can’t just sit like that. I’m still working, walking along the beach in the morning looking for shrimp and looking for snails in the evening.”

Tok Van devotes some time to rest.

“I prefer to relax at home when I have some free time. I read the Quran and pray that my life will be long and that I will have some money to live on.”

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