He had an affair with two girls at the same time, like a sultan

A story for those who are blindly into relationships.

Irina has been attractive since childhood.

Even at school she had a lot of fans. Classmates confessed their sympathy for her, and the guys from parallel classes were fond of her. And even the guys from the senior classes could not calmly pass by.

Yes, and how feelings are manifested at school: funny stories, sweets, help with a briefcase, let them write off. The most daring begin to “meet”. Not many people decide to do this.

Irina was a “girlfriend” for many guys. Now with one, then with another. Not to say that she behaved provocatively. In my opinion, the childish spontaneity lived in her until graduation. Her love vanished as quickly as it appeared. Every fan was interesting for her. As soon as they started dating, interest disappeared.

This was before graduation.

On the night of the prom, after the celebration, the guys went for a walk with the whole class. On the festivities they met several companies from other schools. And in one of these companies, Irina met the gaze of a guy who charmed her. And being confident in her charm, she approached him and met him. It was Konstantin.

Yes, this acquaintance was with a continuation. They dated for a couple of months.

Until the school year starts. Each of them went to study in different universities. Meetings have become rare. But Irina’s interest did not disappear already, as it was with her in her school years. Constantine settled in her heart. And she did not think to lure him away from there.

During the school year, they met extremely rarely, called up not regularly. Most of the time we communicated by text.

The vacation period has come. And they decided to go on vacation to the sea. They spent two weeks together. It seemed to Irina that Konstantin was enjoying this relationship just like she did. After the trip, Konstantin disappeared for a week. His phone was not available. Irina did not know what to think, but a week later he appeared. He said he had things to do that he couldn’t talk about right now.

The new school year has begun. And in September, Irina told Kostya that she was pregnant. Konstantin told her that they would definitely get married. But for now, the wedding will have to wait. From that day on, Irina began to consider herself his bride.

Irina’s parents sounded the alarm. They assured her that she should influence Kostya and finally get married. But Kostya was in no hurry to go to the registry office. On New Year’s Eve, she saw a message on his phone from some Svetlana: “Where are you? I’m waiting for you and I’m not going to celebrate the New Year alone. ”So Irina found out that she was not alone with her Kostya.

She really wanted to pull herself together and solve the situation without scandal. She justified him by the fact that she herself was pregnant and the guy was bored. But she could not restrain herself and called Svetlana. For the girl on the other end of the wire, it was a revelation that Kostya belonged to someone else. After all, Svetlana considered herself his bride and was sure that the wedding was just around the corner. He and Kostya had been dating since last winter.

Irina offered to meet. Despite the fact that Svetlana found out about Irina’s pregnancy, she was not going to give up either. They agreed that they would warn each other when Kostya meets with one of the two. And they agreed to put pressure on him to choose one of them.

But these are all games against natural selection.

As a result, Kostya left them both.

Irina is raising her son alone. She did not hear anything more about Svetlana and did not cross paths with her. Kostya married another woman. He visits his son, participates in his life financially.

Every action has its consequences.

Before diving into a relationship, think about the consequences. Yes, relationships always have a chance for development and a long happy family life. You shouldn’t live with it until you decide to get married.

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