Retired ladies take care of themselves. Live in abundance and comfort

These people took care of their old age in advance. This is a story about three resourceful pensioners who have provided themselves with a comfortable life in retirement. To save money, the ladies moved into three cozy little campers.


This lady is 72 years old. The pensioner decided not to move to a nursing home. She wanted to enjoy her life. In order not to become a burden to her family and not to spend huge sums on utilities, the woman sold her big house and bought a motorhome.

It is small, cozy, but comfortable and multifunctional. The house has a kitchen with a stove and sink, a living room with a sofa, a bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet, a cozy bedroom.

The bedroom is located on the second floor, so that the pensioner would be comfortable, she ordered a comfortable staircase, which was designed in accordance with her wishes.

And this is the house of her neighbor and friend. She is young and active, she is only 60 years old, but she moves around in a wheelchair.

For convenience, the house is equipped with a ramp, a special chair lift is installed inside the house, as the lady loves to sleep in the attic.

And the third friend equipped her house with a porch with a veranda. A hot tub was installed there and now the pensioner has a spa resort at home. her girlfriends constantly come to visit and for procedures.

These ladies live happily nearby. They have a whole mini-settlement of mini houses. They have enough pensions for everything, they are active and positive. They decided to live for their own pleasure while they have strength and health.

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