The woman left her son in the hospital, and after 20 years he found her to thank her

Masha was 22 years old when she found out that she was pregnant. The girl had a young man who loved her. However, when he found out that he would soon become a dad, he quickly retreated: he did not answer calls, and he was never at home. His parents said that Petya did not need a child, he was just starting to live, he was offered a good position in Moscow, and he left to build a career. When Masha asked with tears in her eyes, what about me, Petya’s mother brought out a small bundle, there was money for an abortion. The girl did not take the handout and ran away to her home.


As it became known to IA Express-Novosti, her mother, Olga Alexandrovna, was also not happy with the news, she kicked the girl out of the house, saying that you can not come back when you give birth.

Masha, in the truest sense of the word, began to become homeless. At first, her girlfriends let her spend the night, but everyone had their own personal life, and Masha began to interfere, as soon as the girl caught displeased glances, she quickly packed up and moved to live with another friend.

At the eighth month of pregnancy, friends ended, and Masha had to spend the night at the station. There she was noticed by one woman, she was the owner of a small cafe and offered to work as a waitress before giving birth, another good friend allowed her to live right in the cafe.


Masha agreed, now it was the best option for her. A few weeks later, childbirth began, she arrived at the hospital and very soon became the mother of a cute little boy. Her heart was breaking with pain, but Masha understood that she could not take the child with her, she left the child in the hospital, writing only on a small piece of paper: “Sorry, son, I can’t pick you up, I myself have nowhere to live, I hope you will find a good family.”


Masha did not return home to her mother, she became very close friends with the woman she met at the station and stayed to live and work with her.

Now Maria Alexandrovna does not look like that poor girl Masha, who spent the night at the station. She is strong and domineering, she managed to save up money and buy a small cafe, then another one. Now she is the owner of the whole network. But all 20 years she regrets only one thing, that that night she didn’t take her son with her, maybe that’s why she didn’t have more children.

One day, the manager of one of the cafes called her, saying that a man was waiting in the hall and asked to see the owner. She went to the table, the man turned around, and Maria recognized the very look that she had seen only once, 20 years ago in the maternity hospital.


“Hello, I’m Dmitry, and it looks like I’m your son,” the young man smiled and held out the very note that Masha wrote in the hospital and left with the child.

“But how, how did you find me?” the woman froze.

“It does not matter. You know, from the note, I understood that you were very ill, so you left me in the hospital. But I do not hold a grudge, I came to say “thank you.” Thanks to you, I had a great childhood, and my parents are poor people, and we often didn’t have enough money for food, but they didn’t have a single thought to leave a child, even a non-native one, ”Dmitry said and left.


Young woman

Masha sat at the table, clutching that very note, and she felt very bad, she sobbed bitterly and understood that she would never be able to forget that night when she abandoned her son.

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