77-year-old woman has been carrying her paralyzed son on her back for 59 years

Olga Bošković, who lives in the village of Mušić, once again proves how strong and sacrificial maternal love is. Now Olga is 77 years old and has been carrying her paralyzed son Predrag on her back for more than 50 years.

When Olga found out that she was pregnant, the father of the child ran away. At birth, it turned out that the boy would be disabled for the rest of his life. But the girl did not leave the baby, but took him to a tiny room, which her parents gave her. When the boy grew up a little, the woman carried him to school so that he would be among the children and develop.


Years passed, and Predrag turned into a man, but my mother still wears it on herself. She was offered a wheelchair, but the woman did not take it. She says she can handle herself. Moreover, Predrag learned how to make beautiful wooden crafts with his left hand, which he then gives to local children and friends.

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