The man told his daughter to keep the suitcase and left to find out the time of the flight. When he came back, there was no girl, no suitcases.

Dmitry asked his daughter to keep the suitcases and her duffel bag, said he would be back in about 20 minutes, and went to find out when check-in would start.

Dmitry took a vacation, and his wife insisted that he and his daughter go to rest at sea. All year my husband worked tirelessly, became nervous and irritable. The rest would do him good. And the child will breathe fresh air. Tanya obediently sat down on the suitcase and waited for her father. And he kept coming.

But the girl was bored, and she began to look at the people sitting nearby, especially the old Uzbek. There were also two boys drawing in the album. She moved away from the suitcases and approached the guys, stood a little close. She was very interested in watching them.  They drew the ship and the sea. Remembering the suitcases, Tanya looked around, her father’s travel bag was missing. Tanya started crying. Finally, Dimitri came back.

Look, no girl, no suitcases. He started asking everyone sitting next to him if they had seen a five-year-old curly-haired girl, everyone pointed to the door. What to do: There are a few minutes left before registration. Dmitry walked around the entire waiting room. I went out, I searched everything around. Tanya was nowhere to be found. Boarding announced. Dmitry rushed forward like a caged animal. The plane took off. He was in panic. He was joined by several people and guards.

They again looked for the girl in the waiting room, got out, started combing all the bushes and trees. Finally, one of the guards shouted that he had found the girl. Everyone ran towards him. In the thick grass, curled up, she slept peacefully. Dmitry was mad with happiness. He grabbed her, started to hug her, hugged her tight. The daughter woke up, seeing the disheveled father, she started crying again. Tanya was afraid that her father would scold her. He kissed her and began to console her that all this was not important, the main thing is that she is found.

It turns out that after losing her father’s bag, Tanya got scared, didn’t know what to do, what to say to dad, and out of fear she got out, ran to a big tree and hid in tall grass. Never before had Dimitri felt so happy.

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