7 daughters fulfilled the cherished dream of a dying father

People who are not lucky enough to get cancer die slowly and painfully. And then relatives do everything to somehow brighten up their last days. So these girls tried for the sake of their father. Lemurov.net will tell in more detail the touching story about the love of seven daughters for their parent.

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One of the main desires of US Army veteran Willie Shelton was to see his seven daughters walk down the aisle. In a large family there were seven daughters of different ages, including both blood and adopted ones. That is why the dream was in jeopardy when the doctors diagnosed the man with cancer.

And not just oncology, but its last stage. It was clear that Mr. Shelton did not have long to live. Then the daughters decided to fulfill their father’s biggest dream. They enlisted the help of a local cancer hospice, a photography studio and a wedding agency and recreated the wedding ceremony.

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Everything was kept secret from Willie. His wife, Cheryl Shelton, told the press: “My husband had no idea what we had in store for him. I just told him that Emily asked the girls to be bridesmaids. He had no idea that all his daughters would wear wedding dresses.”

It was difficult to find wedding dresses for all the girls. Firstly, one has already held a real wedding and got rid of the outfit, but for the sake of her father she decided to repeat the ceremony. Secondly, among the “brides” there were very little ones, whose sizes were not provided for in the wedding salon.

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However, the girls, fired up with their idea, managed. They kept the secret to the end and brought a well-dressed father to the holiday, when he did not know what would happen next. Willie was absolutely touched by his girls’ decision. He was even able to get out of his wheelchair to take pictures with the “brides”.

Two weeks after this unusual holiday, Willie Shelton died. But in memory of his daughters and wife, there were numerous photographs where the man was truly happy next to his loved ones.

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