A selection of photos about life with children: parents will understand

Children change our lives. They give us indescribable emotions, joy, tenderness, only children teach us to love unconditionally. But raising children is hard work every day. Parents often get tired and do not have time for everything, funny situations arise that everyone will understand.

Mom fell asleep earlier

Dad is all…

The hack didn’t work

This cute little girl quarreled with her brothers and rejoices

Sleeping with children can be dangerous

Mom, look who I found

Poor dad

Unique design

Sound meter is broken…

Mom took a shower very quickly, son very quickly shodil …

And what, it was necessary to add more milk?


Not a moment of peace

Repeats after the cat

Just sitting is boring!

baby washes a book

And who bored whom?

This daddy was definitely raised by cats

How similar!

A couple of minutes of calm

This is what happens when you go shopping with your kids.

Consequences of a family trip

The ball is with us everywhere now …

He decided to try…packaging!

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