A young mother from Morocco gave birth to 9 children at once

Twins are considered a rarity. And what can we say about situations when a woman gives birth to more than two babies? Like nine? This is exactly what happened to a girl from Mali, about whom the editors of Lemurov.net will tell in more detail today.

The mother heroine from this West African country is called Halima Cisse. At 25, she never planned to give birth to so many babies. But now Halima is a happy mother of five girls and four boys.

The pregnancy of a young woman was observed by doctors, and not Malian, but Moroccan. All due to the fact that both babies and their mother could die during natural childbirth. Therefore, when the weight of each child exceeded 500 grams, the woman had a caesarean section. All children survived the operation.

However, they had to spend a lot of time in oxygen chambers. Their weight and level of development was critically small in order to let them go home to Mali. Halima says: “The babies are beautiful, I feel comfortable taking care of them. I am happy that the children are getting stronger every day, so I hope that soon we will be able to refuse to stay in the clinic. We really want to go home.”

Soon the doctors promise to let the huge family go home. All due to the fact that all nine children are developing in accordance with the norms and no longer need to be constantly in the incubator. But you need to understand: they were born in the summer and are only now ready to go out into the outside world.

Usually multiple pregnancy occurs as a result of in vitro fertilization. But in the case of Cisse, everything happened naturally. According to gynecologists, the chance is one in a million.

Some believe that the African origin of the mother and father of the children played a role. But studies show that racial characteristics do not affect the number of offspring. That is why the case of Halima Cisse can be called unique. Both for herself and for world medicine.

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