Always been the queen of style. Outfits of Elizabeth II in her younger years

Many probably now do not even remember how Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain used to dress. But in her youth she was the standard of style of her time.


From childhood, Elizabeth dressed according to the royal protocol – these were dresses and midi skirts, double-breasted coats, fancy collars, high white socks and gloves. She always had small reticule bags in her hands, she simply adored them, and even now this is the queen’s favorite accessory.

In her youth, Elizabeth preferred flowered tea dresses, pleated midi skirts, and blouses with curly collars. And at official meetings, she appeared in plain suits with skirts below the knee, fitted jackets and shirt dresses.

Elizabeth’s wedding dress was made by designer Norman Hartnell. Especially for such an important event, the fashion designer developed an evening dress with a four-meter train embroidered with rhinestones and pearls. The dress for the coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953 was also designed by Hartnell.

Her Majesty’s coats and cloaks were fitted and slightly flared down. The monarch often relied on models with accent shoulders and unusual collars.

Elizabeth chose evening dresses with puffy skirts and a shallow neckline. And as accessories, she chose white gloves and threw a fur cape over her shoulders. In order to avoid embarrassment, dresses with a train fell under the ban – it was impossible to allow someone to step on the hem and tear it off.

From a young age, not a single image of Elizabeth is complete without pearls. The Queen prefers double or triple strands of pearls and neat pearl earrings to diamonds and other precious stones.

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