Dad of 4 adorable girls shows the real side of fatherhood

Fatherhood is the most wonderful thing that can happen to a man. Briton Simon Hooper has four reasons to rejoice. In addition, this English dad is a real “jeweler”. After all, he has four daughters. His charming girls are now twelve, nine and four years old (two twins).

His truthful and funny pictures have gone viral on social media. On Instagram, the “Dad of Daughters” account has nearly a million followers. Those who have at least one child are familiar with all the problems that Simon faces.

That moment when children start teething

> >

“Dad – know your place in the bed”

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“I used to use my brain to solve global corporate problems. Now I use it to calculate discounts on diapers and baby food.”

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When little ones outgrow their clothes

But all the difficulties are nothing compared to such moments.

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