Logical – psychological test: what kind of girl does a guy like

Why do girls so rarely take the first step towards a handsome guy? I, as a female representative, can admit that it is difficult for girls to do this because she is not sure of the reciprocity of feelings, which is very important.

If you learn a little more about body language and gestures, then, believe me, it will be much easier to determine whether a man likes you or not.

Today I propose to test your knowledge about men and, of course, your mindfulness by passing this simple test.

Your attention is this picture, which depicts three girls and a young man. There is only one question – which of the three girls did he like more? Consider all the details.

In his book Body Language, Allan Pease says that there are many signs that show a hidden sympathy for a girl.

Many of these gestures, such as, for example, dilated pupils, hands on the waist, and so on, can be easily caught in face-to-face communication, but how to notice this sympathy in the company?

A good question that we are ready to answer!

In fact, it is quite a doable task! Take a closer look at the picture and pay your attention to where the toes of this man’s shoes are pointing! You are not mistaken, as Allan tells us, a man’s legs usually involuntarily turn towards the girl for whom he has sympathy.

The thing is that when a man is attracted to a girl, he unconsciously turns his body towards her, well, or puts his legs in the direction of the object of sympathy.

In our case, the guy liked girl #3. It was that simple.

Well, after such interesting information, you can always easily identify the men you like, even in large companies!

And yet, dear ladies, do not be afraid to take the first step towards meeting a man who is attractive to you, even if you do not see obvious signs of interest. For demand they do not hit in the nose, as they say! But a modest man may be your destiny.

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