Pictures of daddies happily devoting themselves to their babies

Not every father is ready to devote time to his children. Daddies think that they get tired enough at work and at home they are supposed to rest, and children … this is the mother’s concern. But there are some daddies who are just happy to spend time with the kids. For them, this is not a job, but happiness!

So the little girl decided.


If you have a daughter, then being beautiful is your responsibility!

A good dad does not teach bad


Tea drinking is sacred!

A photo for memory is not so easy and simple!

Argument is life!

Children are not a hindrance to sports!

And slept, and received a massage … Genius!

The baby decided to push the cart herself – try

Girls make everyone beautiful!

Dad is always fun

Dad will endure everything …

Beauty is a terrible force!

Dad’s copy!

The dream of the parents of babies is something like this

Dad can!

With the wind!

He is a genius! Lazy but genius!

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