Test: a bouquet of flowers will tell you what others think of you

Want to know what people around you think of you?

Choose a bouquet of flowers in the image for yourself and proceed to decipher the meaning!

Your choice was a bouquet of flowers …

1. Exemplary savior of the world
Your life is exemplary.
By nature, you are a perfectionist, however, the opinions of others do not matter much to you.
You put yourself above the rest, but at the same time, you show increased emotionality.
You can always see the manifestations of your feelings. For people below you in “rank”, you are the savior of the world.

2. Caring and responsible
You are endowed with a sense of responsibility from an early age.
Caring for others is something that is very important to you.
Everyone trusts you, from your closest friends to just passers-by.
Your amazing stories that you love to tell are always ready to listen.

3. Smart and logical
You always think logically.
If you need to make an important decision, then do it wisely, and in the shortest possible time.
You are a deep, thoughtful person, and therefore avoid superficial individuals.
Your favorite pastime is to philosophize with interesting people about changing the world.
You are a law-abiding citizen and follow all the rules.

4. Lonely and eccentric
You are a special person, but, as a rule, you always feel lonely.
Only in this incarnation do you feel like a complete person. Finding friends for you is a difficult problem.
You look at the world differently, you have a sensitive perception and powerful intuitive abilities.

5. Strong and reliable
You prefer to do all the important things on your own.
Perhaps this is your main characteristic.
You can solve any questions and problems.
You love to be admired and are seen as a strong personality. You will not tolerate lies and do not know how to forgive.


6. Good-natured and harmonious
You are a holiday person, according to all your friends.
You, like no one else, are energetic and send your positive to everyone who needs it in a certain period of time.
Your kind soul is full of cheerfulness.
They look in your direction with admiring glances. You are in harmony with the world around you.

7. Balanced and confident
Balance in your character is the main priority for your environment. You are calm, always confident in your actions.
You feel great in your place, without straining over trifles.
You know how to find a common language with people, just do not make hasty conclusions.

8. Friendly and sensitive
Friendliness helps you meet interesting people in life.
Your lightness in character allows you to make new friends effortlessly and tune in to their way.
In your environment you are a very popular person.

9. Optimist and creator
You are a creator. Everything that the Universe sent you, you consider a gift of fate.
You are not able to burn this life in vain and enjoy every minute you live.
By your example, you make this life better and more beautiful. Always ready to help loved ones.

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