The only quintuplets from Odessa in Ukraine grew up

These babies from Odessa are the only 5 twins born at the same time in Ukraine. Their parents were preparing for the birth of their second child, because the results of the ultrasound examination shocked them.

According to statistics, the appearance of identical twins happens 3-4 cases per 1000, and their family has a chance of 1 out of 85 million.

The expectant mother at that time was 37, the doctors suggested that she make a reduction (reduction in the number) of embryos. According to studies, with multiple pregnancies, the risk of developing various pathologies in babies increases.

The mother’s body is also under enormous stress. Oksana Kobeletskaya refused to follow medical recommendations. The woman was not ready to choose which of the children to leave life. However, Sergei, the future father of the family, was more pragmatic. Quarrels began in the family.

Nevertheless, the babies were born in full force and without pathologies. The weight of the smaller was only 1.2 kg, and the largest weighed almost 2. Their birth was an event for their native city. The mayor’s office handed documents to the happy parents for a five-room apartment. At first, in the maternity hospital, the woman in labor had the maximum help from professional doctors. But after returning home, she could only rely on her mother and husband.

Parental chores quickly exhausted Sergei. Five kids demanded attention around the clock, and his wife was also barely holding on. But the couple had an older, 3-year-old girl. A few months later, the man ran away from the family. Oksana did not wait for material support from her husband. The negligent father simply withdrew from their lives.


The woman faced difficulties one on one. A large family survived on children’s payments. Help came from caring people. To support the unique family, a special fund was organized, which collected donations from everyone. Also, the woman was allocated family transport from the state.

Today, supermom Oksana Kobeletskaya actively develops her blog on Instagram and collaborates with companies and brands in advertising their business.

Her five kids turned five on June 24. Their birth was a miracle, and their mother’s life was a feat. The woman managed to survive in a critical situation, and even managed to turn it in her favor. In her networks, she shares her rich parenting experience with subscribers and earns for her “happiness in the sixth degree.”

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