They were married for 61 years and left with a difference of 11 days. Real love

Lyudmila Kasatkina spent more than sixty years with her beloved and only husband Sergei Kolosov.

Luda grew up in a family of wealthy peasants who left their homeland for fear of dispossession and went to the capital. The girl was engaged in ballet choreography, but after a leg injury she chose theatrical activities. As a sixteen-year-old teenager, Kasatkina faced the hardships of war, she barely managed to escape from the rapidly advancing Germans.

Sergei Kolosov was the son of a theatrical figure and a lawyer. Before the war, the guy had already begun his studies at VGIK on the directing course, but he was called to fight. Kolosov went through the war, and after it he was able to continue to master the profession of director. It was at the institute that he saw the pretty first-year student Luda, who had just begun to study.

Kolosov plucked up courage and met the beauty, and she immediately invited him to celebrate her birthday, however, she gave the wrong address, thereby playing the enchanted young man. But Sergey was not offended, he tried his luck again and waited for Lyuda near the doors of VGIK to give her a bouquet that he could not give for the holiday. Friendship began with this fun prank, which later grew into sincere love.

After a four-year test of relations in the 50th year of the last century, Kasatkina responded positively to the marriage proposal made by Kolosov. There was a modest marriage. And only at the age of thirty-three Lyudmila became a mother. The only son Alexei spent a lot of time with his grandmother in childhood, but he did not hold evil against busy and famous parents, because they gave him love and care.

The career of lovers also went uphill. Sergey showed himself as a talented and capable director, and Lyudmila, who served in the theater of the USSR army, literally woke up as a star after filming in The Tamer of the Tigers. Later there were other works, including joint ones. Kolosov created paintings that became legendary. Kasatkina embodied his ideas and did her best to please her beloved. At one time, the husband and wife were engaged in teaching in their own creative workshop.

If Sergey was in charge on the set, then Lyudmila ruled at home. She arranged life and created comfort, guests often visited the house, including those famous in cinematographic circles. Also, Kasatkina did not forget to take care of herself. She always looked feminine and well-groomed.

The characters of the spouses were different. She is active, cheerful, active, sometimes quick-tempered and emotional. He is calm, reasonable, self-confident and non-conflict. There were disputes in the family, but they did not develop into quarrels: the lovers quickly reconciled.

Until the last days, Sergei and Lyudmila worked. But the years took their toll, and illnesses did not allow them to remain active, as in their youth. Kolosov suffered a stroke, but with the help of his loving wife he was able to recover. And in 2012, he became ill. Kasatkina visited her husband in the hospital, but she herself noticeably weakened: she could forget the text, periodically ended up in the clinic with malaise.

In February 2012, Sergei passed away. Lyudmila found the strength to come to the funeral. For a while it seemed that she could live on. But ten days after the death of the only man in her life, Kasatkina fell into agony, called her husband, talked to him. Later, the actress died: she survived her beloved husband for eleven days. This is the case when only death could really separate two people.

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