Multi-colored twin sisters grew up: they are 22 years old

Lucy and Maria Aylmer are twin sisters, but it’s hard to tell at first glance. The fact is that Lucy has fair skin, blue eyes and straight red hair, while Maria has dark skin, brown eyes and dark curls. Girls were born in the English town of Gloucester. Their father Vince has a typical European appearance, but their mother Donna is half Jamaican.

“No one believes that we are twin sisters because I am white and Maria is black. Even when we dress the same, we still do not look like sisters, especially twins. At first, our friends did not believe that we were twins, some even asked to see a birth certificate, ”says Lucy.

Believe it or not, these girls are twin sisters! Here’s what they looked like as kids.

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Lucy has fair skin, while Maria has dark skin. The sisters are very close, but no one believes that they are twins.


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Twins are, in principle, a rather rare occurrence, and the probability of having biracial children is even 1 in 500. It is not surprising that after learning the history of sisters, many people are perplexed.

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It seems that in childhood they were much more similar to each other …

Family photo with dad Vince, mom Donna and all their brothers and older sister.

The girls were born in 1997. Seeing the children for the first time, the mother of the little ones was amazed. Parameters such as skin color cannot be seen during an ultrasound. Therefore, the woman could not even imagine how different her twins would be. Donna admits that when the midwife first placed her babies in her arms, she was speechless.

The sisters go to different colleges. Lucy is a creative person, she chose art and design, and Maria right and psychology.


And this is a photo of my mother (in the center, in black) with all her grown-up children.

About her current life, Lucy says: “Now we are adults. And although we still look very different, the family bond between us is only getting stronger. We are proud to be twin sisters to each other. Maria loves to tell her friends in college that she has a white sister. I am also proud that I have a dark little sister.”

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