The laughing quadruplets grew up. This is how this charming family became after 16 years

Many years ago, a video with fervently laughing quadruplets conquered the Network. Everyone has seen this video! Pure positive! The happy mother and her four beautiful daughters laughed loudly and charged everyone with joy.


Here is the video


Filmed by Happy Daddy Steve Matthias in 2002. This video became the best in the funny home video nomination and received a $25,000 award. The young family really needed this amount.

The birth of quadruplets is rare, especially if it is a natural birth, without IVF. This couple was surprised that they had quadruplets, because on the first ultrasound only three babies were visible.

The girls grew up to the joy of mom and dad. Anna, Grace, Emily and Mary did not dress the same, mom and dad decided that each baby is unique and should show her individuality.


Now they are all grown-up girls. They are 16 years old!

One of the girls loves music and dreams of playing in an orchestra, the other will be a photographer, the other two are studying programming and digital design. So similar and so different!

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