The violent reaction of the mother, who found out that she had become a grandmother

Home video with the participation of Eva Goub, an ordinary housewife from Indiana, has gained more than 10 million views. And it’s no wonder why – having become famous overnight, the woman later said in an interview that at that moment the flow of emotions in her head just went off scale. She had never experienced such joy, a stormy outburst of maternal feelings. We wondered who her son brought into the house, what provoked such a reaction.


Donny Gobe, son of Eve, military man. And on duty he is extremely rarely at home, so his visit to his mother is always a joy. Moreover, not so long ago, the son finally decided on a life partner. It’s a good thing, but the newlyweds decided to surprise their parents. They did not inform in advance about their arrival and about a good reason for such a visit. Just a week before Christmas, Donnie called and dropped that he and Miranda were coming for the holidays. Of course, they are glad to see – Eva had no idea who would be with them.


Yes, this is how mothers become grandmothers! And Eva’s slightly insane reaction is not hard to understand. Donnie and Miranda started dating back in 2008, but the two-military family constantly faces challenges beyond their control. They planned the birth of a child for a very long time and, due to many conflicting factors, did not want to worry everyone ahead of time. But now – if you please, welcome the arrival of little Melissa into this world!

Before that, Donnie and Miranda arranged the same surprise for her parents, and they had the courage not to call relatives and not spoil the impression. Or were still so dumbfounded that they didn’t even think about it. It’s no joke, to find out about the birth of a granddaughter like this, right from the doorstep.

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