When children take pictures with monuments better than adults

The fact that children are much more sparkling than adults is a fact. They are so spontaneous, funny, emotional and open. They do not try to please someone, and do not adapt to anyone, they are alive.

Today we at laykni.com have prepared for you a cute selection of photos of babies, which were very successfully captured next to the monuments.

It seems that the frog is listening very carefully to the baby … Apparently, the girl is telling something interesting.

And here the girl, apparently, really liked the boy.


The little girl decided to join the company.

The girl decided to mourn with an unusual aunt.

How cute is that!

This baby must be missing his parents a lot.

What is this interesting book?

And this boy, apparently, is very kind, since he rushed to help.

And here, most likely, an interesting game.

When there are two children in the family.

And then there’s the conflict…

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