Interracial couple raising children with different skin colors

Usually in an interracial marriage, the skin color of the children is the same and takes on an average shade. But Lauren and her husband are not like that. They live in London.

The woman is a blue-eyed blonde, and her husband is a mulatto. It is clear that during walks the couple attracts attention. But when they go out into the street with the whole family, with two sons, only the lazy one does not turn around.

The fact is that the boys also have different skin colors – the eldest 9-year-old Milo looks like his father, and the youngest – 3-year-old Oscar – looks like his mother. Sometimes Lauren is asked if both boys are her own sons. But the woman is used to such questions and treats them with humor.

And more recently, replenishment occurred in a colored family – Lauren gave birth to a daughter, Oshian. The girl looks like her father and older brother. The boys are very happy about the appearance of their sister and are happy to help their mother raise her.

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