A positive selection of babies who already have a chic hairstyle from birth

The very first visit to the hairdresser, as a rule, kids do not remember what can not be said about their parents … Sometimes this is not the most fun procedure. But anything can happen … Some babies are born with such gorgeous hair that parents hear the question more than once: “Why did you put a wig on your baby?”. It’s just hard to believe that this hairstyle was given to the baby from birth!


Today on laykni.com we have collected for you a very positive selection of photos of babies who have just great hair!

Here are the curls!



What, am I in the paper?

Such a small, but already fashionable hairstyle

Oh, Rapunzel will grow up!


Red positive

Daddy’s princess!

Oh those curls!

Well, how can this be? Miracle!


What? Is there something wrong with me?

It’s me?

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