Artist Turns Garbage Into Stunning Animal Sculptures (15 Photos)

To draw attention to the problem of endless environmental pollution, Portuguese street artist Bordalo II (Arthur Bordalo) creates incomparable animal sculptures. Unlike other artists, he does not buy materials for his works, he finds them among the garbage. The artist seeks to depict animals from what threatens their health. He is brave, he is determined and he is determined to keep fighting. His latest works are located in Estonia and the USA. Let’s wish him well and look at his garbage masterpieces.


1. Fox

2. Weasel

3. Hedgehog

4. Iguana

5. Trash Kitten

6. Pelican

7. Flying squirrel

8. Yellow frog

9. Chameleon

10 Flamingos

11. Bee

12. Wolf


13. Meerkats

14. Dirty whale

15. Possum

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