In a family of 14 boys, a girl was finally born

The Schwandt family from Michigan has become accustomed to the fact that the mother has only boys. It’s amazing, but Mr. and Mrs. Schwandt have 14 sons. Due to such phenomenal fertility and a large number of sons, the family repeatedly got into the local press.

For some time now, the couple began to be ironic about what was happening. For example, she named her youngest son Shiboyegen, which can be translated as “She is a boy again.”


This is a reference to one Indian rite, which was told by the grandfather of the family.

According to him, earlier the shaman performed a special ritual on a woman in labor, in whose family there were too many boys. After him, a daughter was bound to be born, but if the magic did not work, the shaman chanted “She boy again”.


But finally, a great joy occurred in the family – a daughter was born. With her older brother, she has a colossal difference of 28 years.


The long-awaited baby was named Maggie. Taylor – her mother – jokes that she no longer expected the appearance of her daughter, because everything in the house was prepared for the appearance of another boy.

Taylor admits that because of such a large number of children, especially small boys, the house is constantly in chaos. She hopes that the appearance of Maggie will bring at least some harmony into their everyday life.

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