Pictures that will prove that nature wins over civilization

Nature knows how to defeat civilization. Even through the asphalt, a tree sprouts. Life conquers everything.

As soon as people leave housing unattended, nature immediately begins to absorb it. Trees break asphalt, plants cover the walls of abandoned buildings, even sunken ships become part of nature.

We have collected for you a selection of pictures in which nature has defeated civilization.

Temple buried under the lava of the Paricutin volcano, Michoacán, Mexico


Poppies that sprouted in the wall

Old railroad tracks, Olympia, Washington, USA

Abandoned amphitheater

House in the English countryside

Deer skull found on the coast of Vancouver Island, Canada

A tree has grown in an old pipe

Water polished a piece of brick wall …

Abandoned hotel

Trees formed an island in a sunken ship

Nature is trying to take over the abandoned footbridge. Hamilton, Scotland

Old building in the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

The building has been waiting for reconstruction for 20 years after the fire. It grew a real forest

McDermott Castle, Roscommon, Ireland

Nature has taken over road sign

Trees grow on a sunken ship, Angas Bay, Adelaide, Australia

Nature swallowed the tractor

The birds have turned the helmet into a nest. This bike was left in the studio. town during quarantine

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