What you need for a child to always be healthy: 10 tips from Dr. Komarovsky

A healthy child is the greatest happiness for every parent. But how difficult it is to achieve. After all, the baby goes to kindergarten, school, just walks down the street and communicates with peers. How to protect your child from diseases? The well-known Ukrainian doctor Dr. Komarovsky knows the answer to this question.

Children should spend as much time as possible outside.

He needs to be banned from sitting at the TV and computer all the time. The kid should run, jump, play games as much as possible. But it is important to dress him in such a way that he does not sweat or become wet.

A child should spend summer not in fashionable resorts, but closer to nature. That is, in the village.

Fresh air, vegetables and fruits, swimming in the river and running barefoot on the grass are a great charge for a child’s health.

Sterility is harmful

Increased sterility is an excellent environment for breeding viruses. But if the house is a little dusty, then, on the contrary, it will harden the baby.


Less vitamins from the pharmacy

Chemistry is chemistry. It will never be better than fruits, vegetables, cereals and dairy products.

No need to force feed the baby

Doesn’t want to eat? Give him a jump rope or a ball and send him for “appetite”. Soon he himself will come running with a request to feed him.

Less sweet

There are a lot of fast carbohydrates in sweets, which lead to metabolic disorders. Better apples and bananas than pies and sweets.

Pay attention to the baby’s intestines

You need to make sure that the intestines of your child work like clockwork. For this, the child needs to be given cereal to eat. It is necessary that children drink a lot and do not eat dry food.


Optimal temperature in the nursery

Ideally, it was twenty degrees in his room. Humidity is at least fifty percent. It is necessary to carry out wet cleaning in the nursery and ventilate it. It is better to remove all dust collectors like carpets from the nursery.

Children’s diseases should not be afraid

Yes, we want to keep kids safe from disease. But you still can’t save yourself from children’s ailments. Therefore, it is better for a child to get sick with diseases such as chickenpox or rubella as early as possible.

It is necessary to prepare the child for the “kindergarten” mode in advance


It is necessary to teach the baby in advance the daily routine with sleep and feeding regimen. So he quickly adapts to what will be in kindergarten. This will help him avoid psychological stress, which can weaken his health.

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