8 children, 92 grandchildren: Great-great-great-grandmother celebrated her anniversary in the circle of a large and friendly family

In early June of this year, the long-liver of the English county of Kent – Rose Sharp – celebrated her 100th birthday.


Rose Sharp is not only a long-liver, but also a happy founder of a huge family. The fact is that she has 8 children and 92 grandchildren! And all these relatives came to granny in honor of her birthday.

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Rose herself comes from a large family, she had two sisters and four brothers, and she outlived them all.

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Friends introduced her to her future husband, William Rose. At the age of 19, the lovers got married. They lived 35 happy years together and raised eight children – six boys and two girls. The oldest of them, Carol Jasper, is now 77 years old. Carol had five children, and one of her daughters had seven. Then the family continued with two more girls – Sophie and Danny, and recently the sixth generation of women in the family was born in the face of little Amelia.

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This year, the celebration of the anniversary was a real gift for Rose, because due to quarantine, she did not see some of her grandchildren for a long time, and during this time they grew up great. They often called up their grandmother, but they could not visit.


The family taught their grandmother how to use a smartphone and video calling apps, but she didn’t always succeed.


By the way, Rose perfectly remembers everyone by name, and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, and great-great-granddaughter. At the celebration of the anniversary, Rose met the baby for the first time, and this was the best gift for her, as well as the love and attention of many loved ones.

This day was highlighted by another unexpected event – a telegram from Queen Elizabeth II with good wishes for the centenarian.

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