Five years ago, a baby with very beautiful eyes was born. What does the girl look like now?

Five years ago, a baby with very beautiful eyes was born. What does the girl look like now?
She was born 5 years ago, then her eyes enchanted the whole world. Moreover, the girl’s parents did nothing to make her famous. Thanks to the internet.


Such an unusual name she got from her mother.

When you look at the Stumbliss family, you quickly realize that this is an international family: both parents have an interesting appearance. Tall, fair-haired, blue-eyed, with a straight narrow nose and thin lips, the beauty of the father of the family contrasts with the beauty of his beloved. She has black hair, dark skin, brown eyes, voluminous lips and a hijab, which clearly shows that she belongs to oriental culture. Apparently, the motherland of the woman is Malaysia.


The spouses do not disclose the details of their private life, it is known that they got married in 2014. Two years later, their first daughter was born in a Swedish hospital. The name of the baby was given Jahaa Sophia. It was given to the child by the mother. The couple agreed that in the event of the birth of a son, the father would give him a name, and if a daughter was born, Mrs. Stumbliss would name her.


I took the best from both parents.

As if she hit the jackpot, Jahaa Sophia took the best in looks from her parents. She has a beautiful face, nose and lips, but her big eyes stand out the most. Her eyelashes are especially beautiful and very thick. And eyes have always fascinated Internet users. Parents posted a photo of their baby on the Web and she became the subject of general discussion.

Commentators admired the beauty of the newborn and predicted that she would become an actress or model. With such a beautiful appearance, it will not be difficult for her to get into the show business industry. Moreover, the girl has already caught the first wave of popularity: she has more than 7,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and almost 70,000 on Instagram. There should be even more fans, but the baby’s previous account was hacked and a new one had to be created.


Camera ready.


Now Jahaa is almost 6 years old. The girl has already participated in a photo shoot for a local magazine and is actively promoting things from advertisers on Instagram. She enthusiastically poses for the camera and enjoys making short videos with her sister Amira. They live in Stockholm and share their daily lives online, but this is the kind of content their followers love.


This beauty has a normal childhood. The girl draws pictures, recites poetry, goes on slides, watches animals and learns to write. When her mother uploads photos to the Internet, every post is filled with comments about the beautiful Jahaa. Even the videos of her having lunch or simply answering her mother’s questions delight people’s hearts.

Grows like a real beauty.

The face of a little girl gradually changes with age. However, it is worth noting that her appearance has become even more interesting. Her thick black hair with bangs gives the girl charm and a more adult look, her chin is extended, her cheeks have lost their childlike fullness, and her beautiful nose has become longer.  But the eyes are still attractive.
The smile of a young star is also remarkable. She has beautiful symmetrical pink lips that are accentuated with a cupid’s bow on the top. They give her a rather doll-like and charming look.

What extraordinary children they are, even if they are a mixture of completely different bloodlines. Their appearance is a real feast for the eyes. And when such children are also talented, they immediately win the hearts of the audience. So little Jahaa has every chance of becoming famous.

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