Girls’ best friends are dads

We won’t tell you anything new if we say that girls’ best friends are their dads. Everyone knows about it: both the fathers themselves and their daughters. Why is this happening, and why is this connection so strong?


This is because from birth, the daughter feels the warmth, protection and attention of a truly loving father, he can not only stand up for her and her mother, but also play, rage, have fun and play pranks in a way that mother would never allow herself. These cute photos of fathers and their girls are dedicated to the purest love on earth!

The most fun day of their lives!

> >

My first cavalier

> >


My strong dad

> >

He doesn’t get mad if I litter in the kitchen)

Hairstyles from him are always “super”!

The only place I feel safe is in his arms.

The best pedicure from the best dad)

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