The couple adopted four children, then discovered they will have quadruplets

As a rule, they do not become large families in one day, but sometimes circumstances develop in a completely unexpected way. Something like this happened with Mr. and Mrs. Young. When the woman became pregnant and gave birth to a child, they were already the guardians of four babies. And after a while, Maxine discovered that she was pregnant again. Quadruples this time!

Meet Maxine Young (30) and her husband Jacob Young (32).


They became husband and wife just six years ago, in 2016. Maxine always wanted to take the kids from the orphanage. They filled out the paperwork and were able to get custody of their two children. After a short time, they received a call from the social services and asked if they could take another child from the same family? And Maxine agreed without asking Jacob. Three children is already a lot of work, she knew this, but how was she supposed to separate the kids when so much suffering had already fallen on their fate?



The story did not end there, because now instead of three brothers and sisters there were four. Soon the phone rang again and the fourth smallest sister appeared in their family. Maxine admitted that when the girl came to their family, it was the happiest day. She and the baby fell deeply in love and became close. Her name was Elliot. It happened when the couple was expecting their first son: they tried to have a child for two years, but nothing worked, and then they were lucky.


Yes, there were already four adopted children in the family, who were immediately adopted, which meant that they were now fully part of the Young family.


But that was not all! Some time after they officially adopted four children, the couple discovered that they would have another addition. But it was an unusual pregnancy. The doctors were shocked to learn that the woman was carrying four children! The couple understood that they already had five children, and now there will be nine of them! Doctors were worried about Maxine’s health, but in July she gave birth to perfectly healthy babies.


“I think a lot of people who have nine kids are at a different age,” Young said. “We have nine kids under eight, and that sounds weird. And eight of our children are under 5 years old! Jake and I laugh about it all the time because one day we’re going to have a kid in every class of middle and high school.”


So, our happy large family has nine children: Aidan (8 years old), Parker (5 years old), Connor (4 years old) and Elliot (3 years old), as well as son Henry (2 years old) and three-month-old quadruplets Beck, Silas, Theo and Cecilia.


It’s not easy to give each child the right amount of attention and love, but the older children do their best and turn a house full of chaos into a house filled with love. As Maxine herself says about the environment, “Our place is definitely very chaotic, but at the same time beautiful!”.

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