The couple converted a school bus into a motor home. I want to live in such a house forever!

There are people who cannot sit in one place all the time and are ready to spend their lives on the road. But while someone is only dreaming about it, others are doing everything to make these dreams come true.



Today we want to introduce you to the American couple Robbie and Priscilla, who created a motor home from an old 1998 school bus. And they now have a luxurious house that can take them to any corner of the country.

The spouses work remotely and therefore can travel and earn money without any problems.

> >

The family bought an old bus and began to restore it.

It was thoroughly washed and the seats were removed.

> >

Later, a new floor and windows appeared here.

> >

Outside, the bus was also transformed – it was painted white so that it does not heat up in the sun.


Another window appeared on the ceiling to bring more light into the house.


There was electricity in the room.

Now painting the walls.

and furniture installation.

The bus is tall, so you can stand upright in the house without any problems.



As a result, the couple got such a cozy mobile home, the creation of which took about a year and a half.

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